Parents’ Heart

A man and a woman’s heart will gradually change after having a child. A father’s compassion toward his children may be different from a mother’s compassion towards her children. Probably, because men and women are in fact different. Even so, both of them give parental guidance and support to their children.

A father is always concern of the financial support. He cannot help but wake up early in the morning, go to work and sleep after coming home. It is usually the routine of every father in general. We may see them as silent individuals. They are not at home all day. Children may only glimpse their father’s back at night and just a shadow in the morning.

A father’s way is sacrificial. Despite not seeing them most of the time being with the family, they are working behind the scenes. It is thought that men do not cry. Yes, somewhat true. But it does not mean, fathers have no feelings towards their family. Deep inside, there is in actuality. It is just that they cannot show as they are the head of the family and should manage the family firmly and unwavered.

A mother, on the other hand, do the management in the house. Taking care of a family is not easy. A mother is the earliest one to wake up and the latest one to sleep. It is all about preparation. Mothers prepare food, clothing, bathing water and other basic things both in the morning and in the evening. You can see a lot of transformation to most mothers from unmarried lifestyle to married lifestyle (in terms of physical appearance). They almost have no time to put make-up to their faces and instead of buying their new clothes, they sacrifice and give it to children instead.

Parent’s heart are always giving instead of receiving.