Best Gifts you can Give to your Babies

If you give your babies precious gifts, be sure that they will be moved by seeing these when they grow up.


I find painting as a beautiful and precious gift to my baby. I took his cutest picture when he was 9 months old and gave it to the artist for painting. Now my baby always looks at his painting and he my son would always say, ‘thank you, mama’.

Photo Album

Photo are the compilations of all the memories between you and your child. The most important memories should be place in an album.


Necklace makes a child precious especially if you buy her expensive ones. This will be like a treasure to her. She can carry on her necklace wherever she goes. She would remember your affection towards her.


Beautiful garments for your children are things that your children must possess. Until they grow up, a mother has to provide her children garments.


A letter to your baby will always be a memory between you and your child. In the letter, you can express how much you love her as your everything. Be sure that you stock the letter to a place where it will not be rotten. You can create a poem, stories about her also.


Toys are good for children because these make them happy when they are babies.


Children will always seek for their mom cooking and foods that she make. Foods as a gift like cakes on her birthday, delicious menus are good enough for your babies.