The 3 reasons why consumers buy through email advertising

Today in this article, I want to share something about marketing and buying products. I encountered some good issue that I want to share through this article. I also use email regularly as I use the internet. When the time that mobile marketing and social media marketing is not that prevalent, many companies use the emailing to promote their products. It is a formal way but also a very good way for companies to advertise. Email is still being practice by many populations. The infographic below has some information about email. Many students who participated in the survey believes that email will still continue and will not be replaced by other media like Twitter or Facebook. Others say they are not sure what would be the future of email. If businesses will continue to use email then we can say that email will not die. Others also answered that email is already dying compared to the users before and now. But it is only a few percentage compared to the two answers.

The students have different reasons why they consider or said that email will still live on. One of the reasons is that many businesses still uses email in many things. They use it to send updates to clients or promos to the clients. They can also use it to send advertising materials and much more. When we see the last part it says that many think that the mobile phone cannot access emails. The market is now going to using more often their phone in almost all situations and fewer computers. If they cannot access emails in their mobiles then it will soon die. But if we look at the infographics below, it seems it is pointing to another direction. It says in the infographic below that more customers buy something when it was advertised using email compared to other forms of advertising media like mobile phones promoting this best interior designing company 室內設計. You can see in the diagram that half of the consumers say that they want to buy products advertised in the email rather than advertisements received through messages in mobile phones.

Then what are the reasons that many still prefer and trust the advertisements in email? There are three reasons that are given in the infographic above. One reason is that there are many bad links in the advertisement using links on the internet. When they want to read the advertisement, they encounter bad links. The next reason is that there are many high percentages of the optimized emails that are non-mobile. The third and last reason is that the network connectivity has a problem. Even if they want to access but it cannot be opened and just takes much time to load. It can also be that they cannot access it because simply there is no internet connection. Internet connection to all countries are not the same and many still do not have a free wi-fi areas so they cannot easily connect to the internet.