Why Children Rebel against Parents

No parent would like their children to rebel against them. However, why do children rebel against their parents although children have no right to rebel against them since they took god care of them?

The most important thing to know is to find the cause of rebelling. According to statistics, the highest reason why children defy their parents is that they lack attention. Statistics also show that delinquent youths are those whose parents are living far from their children. Delinquent and rebellious children have the same characteristics—they have no parent’s care and attention.

In other words, those whose did not experience love and care more likely to rebel. Why? It is because what makes the children think and act accordingly is their parents mind and heart. This is because since birth, it is human nature to seek for love and care. When children grow up, they miss the attention that they had received when they were babies. So when this attention suddenly disappear from them, that is the time they suddenly become weak and get sick.

When they are not guided by their parents they come to obey, love, and care about their life. They think how they can live a good and better life for their parents, how they can  also repay the love and sacrifice of their parents. Like this, their turning point of their life will be their family. They always receive love and care in the family so they can do better. However when they are not guided by their family, they will always complain why they have no family that would take care of them.