Small Family vs Big Family

Is a big family far better than a small family? Not at all. But small families are not far better than big families either. Having a small family or a big family is decided or planned but in some cases, it is a sort of destiny that though it is planned to be in this kind of number, it was not fulfilled in the end. There can be various differences of small families and big families but is not it joyful that at least, a family has been established?

In terms to financial sufficiency and both have the same budget, obviously, small families are more convenient as only few members of the family are spending such amount of money. However, when in comes to division of work (taking the positive side), big families are more superior. A lot of hands to extend, more heads to cooperate, and the greater, the stronger and the happier. But above all, number is not always the case. Instead, it is the family itself.

What good is a great number if everyone is lazy? Likewise, what good is a small number in spending money if everyone spend aimlessly and even owing a debt? What matters is the mindset of every member of the family, of how they should live with each other with full respect, coordination, harmony and unity. How they should help each other. Is there no envy, jealousy and insecurity with each other? Is there only love and joy and peace?