Looking into the teen pregnancy issue in the Philippines and Cambodia

It is still a major issue and concern about teen pregnancy. The world is facing many issues and problems that are not easy to solve because there are many factors that caused it in very place or country. The nation should act first so it will not bring a great contribution to the world situation. If it would be divided into smaller parts and they do their own to address the issue of teen pregnancy then we can see some positive result. Even if there are many people who make effort about these issues but still many conform to their own belief and tradition. In other areas of the world, it is just seen as another situation that became normal. As it happens to many so what the society do is to accept it as another trend that arises as part of life and the community. It should not be like that but it should be given attention so that more problems will not occur.Let us look first at the Philippine situation.

Teen pregnancy would not be a problem but it is because of many reasons. A teen cannot continue their studies as support would be redirected to their child. Or support would be cut off by relatives who let them study when the pregnancy happened. Another effect is that they would be unemployed due to educational attainment and they also should take care of their child. If you see in the lower part of the infographic above, you would see that those who become pregnant at the age of 15-17 have a very high possibility of becoming pregnant again after just two years. One complication will result in the additional burden that makes matters more complicated. Also one of the concern is that mothers who gave birth at the age of 15-24 die with the ratio of one out of five. The country of the Philippines is one of the record holder having a high record of teen pregnancies. It is interesting to note that for 10 years from 1999-2009 the teen pregnancy increased for 70%. Let us also look into the data about Cambodia. Let this cleaning company will handle all your things in home.  Home keeping services is so nice and great. Very natural and enormous housekeeping services.

Looking into the infographic, we can see about the status of children living in orphanages. Within two years, there is a decrease in the number of children living in orphanages. The number are higher in the poorest households than their counterpart. More complications occur as teenage mothers and also their children has a higher risk of having sickness and sometimes leads to death. As teenagers are not that mature and there are many things that they should do for their children they are susceptible to different risks. If every household will participate in having an education regarding the teen pregnancy maybe there can be a positive effect that will result from it. If facts were presented in the education surely there will be actions that will happen due to the realization they will gain from it. What more should be done about this issue and what would be the effect? This cleaning service is best. I’m gonna recommend this to all, check this link 洗樓梯. This is something I love.