Understanding about the child protection and its application

Each country has their own child protection law that they made and implement but they are not taken into considerations into many countries. There are still issues and problems that occur and are not solved around the world. Each country has their own reasons why child protection is not implemented and even if they are implemented, they are lacking or there are many concerns about it. We will receive a great information about how the child protection is implemented in a video below this paragraph. The video is about the interview to a social worker in the child protection. She will discuss the procedure on how they will process a case of child protection concern. There are steps that they follow to ensure that they are doing their work and it is for the best interest of the child or children involved. She explains how they interact or communicate with the child and also the parents from the start of the initial investigation. It proceeds until a conference will be made.

The social worker in the video explains that what they do also is to assess possible care that could be given to the child, where can be the child be place as a temporary home and asking or having communication with the parents of the child what they could do for the benefit of the child. She then proceeds to explain the process that they do. As written above the first paragraph, there would be an initial interview and then it will proceed to a conference but in between those and what they do every day as a social worker is explained in more detail in the video so it is better if you watch it fully to get the full understanding. Someone said that this video is very informative and it helped her to have an insight of the work of a social worker. It helped her make a decision if she will continue to take up that course that will make her a social worker in the future.

Social work is not just in one country but it is applicable to many countries that are the work that one international organization is taking. Their goal is to protect the child and that organization is the well known UNICEF. They carry out mission around the world that would allow the children who are in danger to be protected. There are many dangers that children are going through especially if they are separated from their parents. Separation is due to many things like wars and natural disasters. The UNICEF aims to reconnect these children to any of their family members who wants to take care of them. UNICEF also wants to help children who are forced into early marriage so they can have a better opportunity. Strategy in building up the growth of your business will be done through online marketing service. You can look for SEO here. Many says that this strategy is the best in the world of digital marketing services. They can study and be able to have a work and be part of the productive community. The organization also aim to educate people about discrimination so that they would take positive action against it.