Why Give Gifts to your Babies

As a mother, it is important to show your affection to your babies through giving her gifts. Gifts are not necessarily the material things that the baby can use. Kisses and hug can be a gift to your children. Babies grow up well by the love of their parents. Anyway, all people want to receive a gift according to what they desire. Babies are just receivers of material things, which are symbol of parent’s love. Of course, babies do not realize how much their parents love them but the things that they receive will be the source of their joy that helps their brain to be healthy.

Although giving material things to babies are not recognized, babies can love their parents because of that. This is why mothers tend to give everything to their children because this will prove how their parents love them. Parents sacrifice their life in order to give everything to their children. The intangible gifts that you can give to your children are your time, sacrifice, affection, attention, words of love and the like.

In addition, when a baby grows up, he will not remember the things that are given to him but the affection she received will not be erased because the bond was already registered in his heart and mind. So when he grows up, he will always remember his home because there, his mother lives. You can also keep the precious gifts that you have given to him as a memory of days and love. A rebellious child can also remember his parents love through those memories.

Whenever you give gifts to your baby, take a picture of it as a record as a reminder of your love. Photos are now effective to touch the heart of your children.